Optimized Web Design

An optimized web design is the foundation for online success.

Having the right website for your target audience will increase the likelihood of your business reaching its goals including:

Generating Leads & Sales
Each website has one common primary goal and that is to create leads and potential clients. As soon as visitors land on your website, they make a decision whether the information they are viewing is of value to them or not. And if so, how easy it is to find that information they are looking for. A visitor may look for a sign up information about certain events, or they may look for a certain product. If your website is hard to navigate and cluttersome, visitors will leave and will likely search on Google for another source.

Having a carefully thought out web design structure is the key to facilitate this process. The main goal is to make is as easy as possible for your visitors to get what they want. And it should also be your goal to showcase your information on the website in such a way that key information is visible and highlighted.

Building Trust & Credibility
A visitor lands on a competitor’s website and your website, both websites have the information / services / products they need. What factors go into the visitor’s decision making process? Is it price? Location? Or, does one website look more credible and trust-worthy than the other? The website that looks more professional and addresses the visitor’s concerns will gain bonus points in the visitor’s point of view here. We will help you design a website that allows your customer leads to choose your website and ultimately be a closed customer.

Search Engine Optimization
There are many different theories about how you can gain success on Google overnight. Some of them are true, but many of them are inaccurate. One factor that stays consistent is this: If your website’s design does not have proper structure as it relates to search engine optimization, then that reduces your likelihood for visibility on search engines.

Social Media Buzz
When managed properly, social media can be a powerful (or arguably the most powerful) marketing tool available at your finger tips. Having social media buttons placed in strategic locations as part of your website’s design will allow your clients to promote your business by sharing with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and others. One positive review can be amplified and broadcast across the nation within a relatively short period of time.