Should I just buy a website template or hire a web designer to customize my website?

This is a question that I’ve heard many clients ask: whether they should purchase a website theme or template and use it as is without any design customization.

It’s no secret that the selection of website themes and templates that are readily available for website platforms such as wordpress, shopify or magento nowadays are different than it was years ago. They are nicely designed, quite reasonably priced and you can get your website up and running in a shorter amount of time.

So why should you use a web designer or web design firm to do your website?

The difference between the 2 options are apples and oranges. Using a website template with no design customization, your website will work just fine and look exactly as how the template looks. It will have all of the necessary elements there for it to function properly

But think of it this way: why do you spend the money, whether it’s $15, $20 or even $50 on a meal at a restaurant when you can probably cook it yourself (or try to) at a fraction of the cost? Unless you’re a chef or an excellent cook, the restaurant’s meal will taste and look better. A professional chef has taken the time to craft your meal to perfection so it looks and tastes great. Another reason could be that the restaurant has an excellent dining atmosphere with friendly staff and great dining experience overall.

Another example is this: Say you are considering putting up some sort of advertisement on a magazine that is distributed nationwide at most retailers. Your choice is whether to design the ad yourself or pay a design firm to design the ad for you. You can probably whip up the ad yourself, put whatever content is necessary there and send it off for publication. But which ad do you think has a greater chance of success? The one that you designed on your own or the one designed by a graphic design company? Again, unless you are a graphic designer yourself, the answer would be the latter. An ad designed by a professional will not only look better, but more importantly, it will convey your message and your brand in a way that captivates your audience.

Here are the main advantages of a customized website design:

  • You have a website that oozes your brand, your message, what your company is all about.
  • There’s a unique factor here that is non-existent with using a template with no design customization. No one else has the same website as you.
  • Your website will have addressed all the needs of your business and more importantly, the needs of your customers.
  • A professional in the field has taken the time to incorporate all the elements above

Don’t get me wrong, I have anything against using pre-designed website templates or themes. If you think it’s what you need and fits your budget, it will get the job done for you. But if you truly believe in your ┬ábusiness and taking it to the next level, having a properly designed website is one of the most important investments you can make. A website in today’s world is not just a website. It is a vital marketing tool and gives you access to the global audience.

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